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Written by Ojo Oluwasetemi Stephen ...OOS who lives and works in Ibadan, Nigeria. Say Hi to Him on Twitter.
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2018 - The Review!

December 08, 2018 • ⌛⌛ 9 min read

The first full year as a full time developer - Devoting myself to the life long career of software development learning the lifestyle and…

New Beginnings

December 06, 2018 • ⌛ 1 min read

A very difficult part of life is the beginning, full of waiting. 9 month for a new baby and numerous days/months/year for fruits. Harmattan…

Hello World

December 02, 2018 • ⌛ 1 min read

Everything in this community begins with and I am excited to start this blog. I will tell a small story of who I am, what I do. The goal…